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Flashtuning Performance, a website we built that utilizes a database to show dynamic content such as car tuning results.

Flashtuning Performance

“We have been looking all over the place to find a competent WordPress developer and I’m very glad to say we found the right company for the job! Our site has been beautifully remade from the ground up and is faster than ever! The dynamic pages displaying the tuning results are fantastic!”

Flashtuning Testimonial
Eurox, a website we built that utilizes a database to show dynamic results such as car tuning results.

Eurox Car Electronics

“Our website had become very outdated over the years and was in desperate need of a revamp. Thankfully, the team over at Crucible was up to the task and proved their worth as fantastic

WordPress developers!
Thank you for the excellent service!”

Eurox Testimonial

Our workflow.

Communicating your wishes.

Before anything else, communication is required. We need to know exactly what your wishes are for your project to get started with our work! Based on this information, we can then formulate the best way to build your website.

Custom built to your specific needs.

A WordPress developer tends to use a theme they are comfortable with, either a premium one or in our case; one they have built themselves. We use our own WordPress theme which we then build upon towards your site’s specific needs. Off the shelf themes are filled to the brim with unnecessary features that bloat your website and thus hinder it’s performance.

Minimal plugins.

Plugins can be a boon to your website, yet also a bane. Websites with tons of plugins can become a house of cards; deactivating one could lead to the entire house crumbling apart. We use only a few handpicked plugins that have a clear purpose in their use.

Custom coded.

Our preference for building websites will always be coding everything ourselves. From HTML, to CSS, to JavaScript & jQuery, to PHP and mySQL, we can do it from scratch. With our knowledge as WordPress developers we can build you the custom functionality your website requires if needed.

Lightning fast performance.

With no bloated themes and unnecessary plugins clogging the performance, your site will naturally experience a lot more speed. Then add highly efficient code on top of that and you will have a website enjoying lightning fast performance.

Engineered for longevity.

Technology evolves rapidly, yet luckily there is no need for a new website every year. With our solutions you will have a solid foundation that will adapt to your future needs with ease.

WordPress Website Packages.

Incredible WordPress packages for businesses.

We offer WordPress website packages catering to multiple price points, so there is always a solution available for you. A professional website is very important; it increases trust and shows that you’re serious about your business. That, combined with other factors, increases conversions, something that’s always welcome for a business!

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WordPress Website Packages

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